Have you ever dreamed of riding fast up a high mountain road, the wind in your hair and the Himalaya jutting out in front of you? There is nothing like riding a motorcycle through the mountain roads of Nepal, stopping in beautiful villages and taking in stunning scenery as you explore this magnificent and varied country. Make it a classic Indian Enfield and it’s like living in a dream. From the Terai’s lowland jungles to the hillside rice terraces of the Mid-hills region, and even up to high-altitude deserts in the mountains, Enfield tours are a great and exhilarating way to explore Nepal. Enfield tours offer a thrilling way to take in the sights and enjoy the journey, whether it’s a weeklong Glimpse of Nepal tour or a 15-day voyage to the Roof of the World in Tibet. You can even combine your Everest Base Camp trek in Nepal with an epic 12-day Enfield motorcycle road to Everest’s northern Base Camp in Tibet.

Upeverest provides world-class Enfield tours in Nepal and Tibet. Upeverest works with seasoned Himalayan explorer and Nepali cross-country motorcycling pioneer Rabi Thapa on our Enfield tours. He has over 30 years of experience leading trekking and motorcycle tours through the Himalayan region. If you have any questions feel free to ask him, our Himalayan Rider, on our forum 

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Our Enfield tours offer a variety of destinations and sights in Nepal and Tibet:

1. Glimpse of Nepal with Royal Enfield (7 days through Central Nepal) 
2. Wild West Ride (11 days through Western Nepal
3. The Ultimate Ride to Lower Mustang, Nepal (11 days through the Annapurna Himalayas)
4. Everest Base Camp - north side (12 days through south Tibet)
5. A journey to the Roof of the World (15 days through west Tibet)

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