Skydiving in Nepal is the ultimate adventure. Everest skydive, the only skydiving operator in Nepal, launched its’ first skydive in 2008 and has led over 300 people on jumps since then. The skydive takes place over spectacular Khumbu region, next to none other than Mount Everest. As divers free fall they can see dozens of mountains alongside Everest, as well as the beautiful Sherpa villages dotting the landscape below. The skydiving season is October and November of every year. Skydivers can choose to land in Syangboche Airport or at the base camp of one of the most iconic mountains in the Khumbu, Ama Dablam. 

CNN News Channel has ranked the Everest skydive as No. 8 out of 50 best Adventure Events organized throughout the world under the heading, “Try before you die” events. Jumping out of an AS350 B3 helicopter from 23,000ft and landing at Syangboche Airport (12,340ft) or at Ama Dablam Base Camp (15,000ft) is undeniably the highest commercial aerial event in the world, making it a perfect activity to add to any adventurer’s bucket list!

EVEREST SKYDIVE PROMO from Wendy Smith on Vimeo.

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