Jomsom or Dzongsamp (new fort) is the headquarters of Mustang District. Lying in the gorge below two mountains ranges; Annapurna to the east and Dhaulagiri to the west, along the Kaligandaki River, Jommsom is the hub for trekkers going into upper Mustang and Muktinath. Once a major trade route between India, Nepal and Tibet, Jomsom is currently a hub for tourist. With hotels, shops and facilities as readily available in Kathmandu, it surely gives vibe of mini thamel in Mustang.

Traditional houses, old gumbas, chortens with colorful prayer flags blended against the rugged terrain of dry soil with patches of greenery makes Jomsom a picturesquely colorful place. Jomsom is also famous for its high velocity winds, and gains the name “Windy city”, with most of the tree’s crown facing the northern side.

Marpha, a small village about 10 km from Jomsom is famous for its apples and apple brandy which is also called “Marpha” named after the place.

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