Trekking in Nepal is on the bucket list of many adventure seekers around the world. It provides a thrilling, culturally rich and one of a time experience like no other. Those who wish to have an experience of a life time, 5 treks that they must try out in Nepal include Annapurna Trek, Everest Base Camp Trek, Upper Mustang Trek, Langtang Trek and Dolpo Trek.

Annapurna Trek

Annapurna is a compact group of mountains located in the north central part of Nepal. The massif is 55 km long, with the highest peak crossing over 8 km. The best time to for a trek in Annapurna is in the start of winter (from September to November) and in spring (from March to May). But, one should avoid going in monsoon and winter seasons, due to adverse weather conditions.
Jomsom Trek

Everest Base Camp Trek

Set up in the base of Mount Everest, this is the trek that is the dream for many adventure seekers around the world. With the Everest Base Camp Trek, have the adventure of your lifetime. The best time for this trek is in autumn in October and November. That’s because during this time period, trekkers get the best views of the crystal clear skies and the temperature is comfortable.
Everest Panaroma Trek

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Upper Mustang Trek

Mustang lies in the north-western part of Nepal. The ancient Tibetan kingdom of Lo – which was once a forbidden kingdom. Currently, its decedents still reside in the area. So, visitors get to take advantage of the rich Tibetan culture. The best time to go for the Upper Mustang Trek is in spring (in April and May) and in fall (in late September and early November).

Langtang Trek

Located on the border of Tibet and north to the Kathmandu Valley, Langtang is a region of the Himalayas. Not only this, the region is the home to Gosaikunda Lake. This lake is one of the most scared lakes in the Hindu culture. While planning to go on a Langtang Trek, the best time to go is in the fall season (September to November) as well as at the end of winter (late February and early March).
Langtang Trek

Dolpo Trekking

Dolpo is located on the Nepal – China border. Like Mustang, the region is rich in Tibetan culture. In fact, the extent to which the region was able to preserve the culture is something that attracts travellers from around the world. Spring (in April and May) and fall (in October and early November) are the best times to go for a trek.

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