Given that this is one extraordinary flight, few people will be able to realistically imagine themselves flying over the monstrous Himalayan peaks north of Kathmandu, unless they have extraordinary imaginative powers. However, there is one way to find out what it’s like: take the magical Everest Flight, see for yourself and go home with the satisfaction of having experienced something unique. So, if you find yourself in Kathmandu, don’t forgo this amazing opportunity for a peek into the secret world of the Himalaya.

It’s an early start as the skies are usually clear in the early hours of the morning. The first flights are scheduled to take off by 6:30 am. You will be amazed how quickly the snow-capped mountains come into view. The moment the plane leaves the tarmac of TIA, a fascinating world opens up to reveal this seemingly endless chain of silver mountains. Glistening in the early morning sun, they are a heavenly sight. Of course most people would have seen the façade from ground level but when seen from above, one is left speechless by the row upon row of mountains as far as the eye can see. Yes, the Himalayan chain extends an unbelievable 2,400 km east to west and is between 150 km and 400 km wide.

As the plane slowly reveals the various peaks, the stewardess goes from seat to seat helping passengers identify them one after the other. As all seats are window seats, each person has the luxury of an unhindered view from his/her respective window. Flying further into the Himalayas, the emerald green glacial lakes come into view along with the vast glaciers coming down from the mountains. Their immensity is awe inspiring and often drives one into a contemplative mood. We never imagined them to be so gigantic. As you pass peaks such as Gauri Shankar, Melungtse, Langtang, and many others, you slowly fly toward the east, the land of the giant peaks.


Finally, what everyone is waiting for comes near and the pilot announces, “Ladies and gentlemen, we are approaching Mt. Everest, the tallest peak on the planet. You may come to the cockpit one by one when the stewardess gives you the go ahead.” Excitement knows no bounds and soon each passenger gets a chance to see the astounding view of Everest like never before. It’s a sobering sight. This massive peak soaring 8,848m up into the sky does look majestic. The pilot identifies other lofty peaks like neighboring Lhotse (8,516m), Makalu (8,485m) and further eastward, the incomparable Kanchenjunga (8,586m), the third highest mountain in the world. Then with one last aerial glimpse of the vast plateau of Tibet stretching eerily into the horizon, it is time to turn around and fly over lesser peaks, some with piles of snow resembling icing on a cake, soft and smooth. Soon it is also time to receive your certificate claiming your presence on this incredible flight. What a great souvenir; something not only worth preserving but also proof that you flew over this colossal chain of mountains high above Nepal. 

Everest Mountain Flight

 View from the Flight. Image by Bishwo Bajracharya

There are multiple domestic airlines in Kathmandu, Nepal that organize Everest Mountain Flight daily.

Airlines : Buddhar Air.
Aircraft : Beech 1900D, ATR 42-300, ATR-72-500
Departure Time: 6:00 am
Flight Time : Approximately 60 minutes

Airlines : Yeti Airlines.
Aircraft : Jetstream-41
Departure Time: 6:00 am
Flight Time : Approximately 60 minutes


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