With UpEverest experience and our close proximity to Bhutan and Tibet, you can further your Himalayan holiday extensions in this two magnificent destinations. Find out the amazing, tailor made itinerary to make your sojourn a truly memorable one.


Mystically hidden in the folds of the Great Himalayas is the last Shangri-La on earth, known to most as Bhutan but these hill-people proudly call themselves Drukpa and their land Druk or Drukyul, literally translated-the Land of Thunder Dragon. Many visitors describe Bhutan as a mystical, harmonious valley coexisting with nature.



A plateau region north of the Himalayas, Tibet is an autonomous region of China. Metaphorically described as the “Roof of the World”, it lies at an average elevation of 4,900 meters above sea level and has a total population of 3.18 million (census Dec 2014), occupying an area of 1.25 million km², about the size of Western Europe


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