An Ultra-trail by Les Chevaliers du Vent & Base Camp Trek
from Kanchenjunga to the foot of Mount Kailash

April 2017 

In short :

- A ultra trail across Nepal : 60 days - 45 stages for teams of 3 runners.
- 1800 km and 90 000 m of combined differences in altitude
- Along the Great Himalaya Trail, from Kanchenjunga (East) to the feet of Mount Kailash (West)

In April 2017 will take place in Nepal an unique ultra-trail across the Nepalese Himalayas from East to West, from Kanchenjunga to the foot of Mount Kailash (Hilsa) in 60 days and 45 stages. Following the itinerary of the Great Himalaya Trail, the runners, in teams of 3, will cover more than 1 800 km and 90 000 m of combined ups and downs.

This ultra - trail is organized by the French association, the Chevaliers du Vent, created by the famous Himalayan runner Bruno Poirier, with the logistical support of the well-known agency Base Camp Trek based in Katmandu. 

For Bruno Poirier, this kind of challenge is not a first. In 1994, he actually runs this itinerary with a friend, in full autonomy. Since 2000, the first edition of the Annapurna Mandala Trail was followed by the now classical himalayan trails such as Everest Sky Race, Himal Race and the Annapurna Ultra Mountain.

Since origin, Bruno Poirier called on the expertise of the Base Camp Trek as local contractor, which takes care of all logistics. Base Camp Trek provides notably the trained personnel - guides, porters, assistants and helpers – who assure the smooth running of the competition. According to Jérome Edou, manager of Base Camp Trek camp and long time resident in Nepal: ’ - For us at Base Camp Trek these trails are real challenges. Besides the logistics, we have to provide maximum security for all participants and teams, in this remote and rugged terrain to make sure everyone returns safe and sound. Fair play and mutual assistance are the keywords of these great adventures. For Base Camp Trek’s staffs it’s also a great, if challenging, live training’’.

When asked about their motivation to ‘run’ Nepal, most participants will mention the natural beauty but also the diversity of landscapes, from the tropical plains to the Tibetan plateau, from the Kipling’s jungle to the highest Himalayan peaks. Says Pascal Beaury, one of the regular of these Himalayan trails: "- For me these trails are some sorts of a return to the fundamentals, a return to the real. The forgotten valleys, the villager’s warm reception or the mineral loneliness of the high passes, combined with physical hardship and altitude, bring us closer to the sky. Besides extreme physical difficulties, these trails are a way to defy one’s own limits, an introspection, a spiritual discovery".

The Great Himal Race with her extra-ordinary magnitude is definitely a great sporting event, but first and foremost, outstanding human adventure.

The Main Stages

Stage n°1 (day 5 to 11)  : Taplejung to Kanchenjunga Base camp

Stage n°2 (day 12 to 17) : Kanchenjunga to Makalu

Stage n°3 (day 18 to 23) : Makalu to Everest / Kumbhu

Stage n°4 (day 24 to 32) : Everest to Langtang

Stage n°5 (day 33 to 37) : Langtang to Manaslu (Jagat)

Stage n°6 (day 38 to 42) : Manaslu to Annapurna (Kagbeni)

Stage n°7 (day 43 to 48) : Annapurna to Dolpo (Pho)

Stage n°8 (day 49 to 56) : Dolpo to Humla

List of Participants:

S.N  Name


Cedric Mallet


Steve Mouth


Christian Bouteille


Christiane DALLA COSTA


Francois Navarrette


Bob Wall


Philippe Armbruste


Anise Fontaine


Emmanuel Geebelen


Jean Marc Wojcik


Lydia Maury


Philippe Charbonnel


Wouter Hamelick


Chumphol Krootkaew


Bruno Ringeval


Damien Manceau


Jean loup Koppe


Vincent Minier


Laurent Reigniez


Lucie Clerc


Pierre Pelletier


Virginie Dutreme


Bruno Poirier


Maryse Dupre




Deliane Klein


Bob Wall


Pawan Rana


Jagan Bista

Recent Press Release


Running across Nepal from East to West

The third venue of the Great Himal Race will start on April 2nd and will cross Nepal form East to West following the itinerary of the Great Himalaya TraiL This race in semi-autonomy will start from Kanchenjungna area, near the Darjeeling border. It will cross over Arun, Langthang, Ganesh Himal, Manaslu, Annapurnas Mustang and Dolpo to reach Humla Valley at Hisla, at the border to Kailash region. Some runner expect to achieve it in 50 days, but some nepali participants like Upenda Sunuwar expect to complete this Ultratrail in more or less 35 days.

The trailers, running with their own backpack will cover 1800 km, cross 7 passes above 5000 m and more than 90 000 m of positive elevation. Organized by a French NGO, The Wind Knights’ which has been organizing such trails in the Himalayas since more than 15 years : some have become ‘classics’ such as Annapurana Mandala Trail or the Everest Skyrace.

On each of these trails Nepali runners are sponsored to participate and they usually win : this year, Upendra Sunuwar is among the 9 Nepali runners to be invited on the trail. We met with him at Base Camp Trek office on Lazimpath on the eve of his departure for Kanchenjungna region.

Born in the Sindhuli region (East Nepal), the 36 years old athlete is not a new comer in this field. Since 2009, he has participated in more than 20 of these ultratrails and marathon, winning in Hong Kong and Malasia. But competition at home in Nepal is fierce : last year he finished 6st at the Everest Ultra Marathon covering the 65 km between Gorakshep (5200m) and Lukla (2800 m) in 5 h 03 mn, an itinerary that trekkers like you and me will cover in 2 to 3 days… Despite these impressive athletic qualities Upendra does not manage to live from his sport : ‘’ If possible, I would love to become a professional runner for the next 5 years. But it’s very difficult here in Nepal to live as a trail runner. I still need to guide trekkings to feed my family’’. But Upendra is aware that event such as the Great Himal Race are promotion of Nepal on the international scene : ‘’Running through remote regions of Nepal is some sorts of publicity for them and I am happy to be able to help in my own way’’. But Upendra is a bit apprehensive of this year venue of the Great Himal Race : ‘’This year we have to cross may high passes and the itinerary is very long and demanding. I think that only 5 or 6 runners will reach Hilsa.’’

Wishing Upendra and his 30 fellow participants a great and safe adventure that we will follow closely.


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