Snowy peaks, majestic glaciers, lakes, exotic wildlife and cultural uniqueness, Langtang region stands out among many tourist places of Nepal. The region gets its name from a Tibetan word, Langtang, where Lang means Yak and Tang means to follow. It is believed that a Sherpa once followed a lost Yak along the route which is now used by trekkers to get in to Langtang valley.

Situated to the north of Kathmandu, the mountain ranges of the regions are the closet mountain range with respect to Kathmandu. Majority of Langtang region falls under the Langtang national park. Langtang trek offers up-close mountains in shortest time possible. Though the trek doesn’t offer view of mountains higher than 8000 meters in elevation, the scenery of Langtang is aesthetic. Langtang region provides a decent and averagely strenuous trekking experience.

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