After much criticism about unnecessary hassles for tourists, the Nepal government has relaxed entry formalities for foreigners arriving by air.

Tourists visiting Nepal will no longer have to stay in mandatory hotel quarantine for five days as long as they have a PCR negative report before they board their flight, and again test negative on their arrival in Kathmandu. They will have to stay in a hotel, observing safety protocols until the test results arrive.

Tourists will also be eligible for visa on arrival at Kathmandu airport, as long as they can provide necessary documents about their itinerary in Nepal that is approved by the Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) or the Department of Tourism (DoT). The government has also done away with the $5,000 travel insurance requirement.

Although it looks at first glance like the government has streamlined a previously cumbersome and confusing process, tour agencies say it still leaves a lot of grey areas that could still create unnecessary muddles.

News Source:Nepali Times

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