Guido Max, Argentina

Myanmar Tour

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As usual, UpEverest always saves me in my "last-minute" travel arrangements. They already did an outstanding job 4 years ago when I had to switch destinations due to an unexpected event of force majour, planning from one day to another my whole week in Butan. The trip was perfectly orchestrated, looking as if it was planned with weeks of anticipation. This time the destination has been Myanmar, and I couldn't ask for a better service and a greater precision picking up the right spots for the limited time I had available. Also, the trip was planned the day before actually departing to Myanmar! I got adventure, local culture, and unforgettable experiences in just 4 days, visiting Yangon, Bagan, and the amazing Inle lake. This company counts with 24/7 dedicated professionals that know how to move fast and effective. Under their umbrella you shouldn't worry about anything, even upon unexpected events. Thank you for everything UpEverest!

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