When Mountain comes calling they say there is no stopping oneself. There are numerous adventure options in Nepal. Eight of the 14 mountains over 8,000 meters high are located in this tiny Himalayan nation, and of these Everest is one of the most challenging treks in Nepal. Even before Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa set foot on top of the world, the quest to conquer Mount Everest has always been a dream for adventure seekers. Everest Basecamp, Annapurna, Upper Mustang, Langtang, Dolpo, Manaslu are the best treks in Nepal. The dangers are there, lives are at risk. But the thrill and the adrenaline rush are just too much for one to ignore. Trekking in Nepal is unparalleled with its well-maintained trails and mountain lodges. The routes that lie in Nepal’s trekking region start higher and stay higher in altitude, offering unrivalled views of some of the world’s highest and incredible Himalaya panoramas. 

Best Trekking Routes in Nepal

EBC Trekking

Mount Everest has long drawn people from all over the world to the Solukhumbu region of Nepal. First climbed in 1953 by Sir Edmund Hilary and Tenzing Norgay, the mountain has now become one of the world’s best and most popular trekking destinations, and every year thousand of international visitors come to Nepal to trek in the Everest region.


Annapurna Trek

Annapurna region is the center of one of the greatest Himalayan travel experiences. It blends snow-clad mountains soaring high up above the clouds and thousands of years of culture, tradition, languages and landscape diversity. From hillocks, hills, the deepest gorge in the world, waterfalls, and glaciers to high elevation lakes


Upper Mustang

In the district of Mustang in northwestern Nepal lies the once-forbidden ancient Tibetan kingdom of Lo. Now called Upper Mustang, the region is no longer a formal kingdom. Upper Mustang encompasses the northern half of the Mustang district bordering Tibet. The region is dry and mountainous, and is often referred to as a desert.



Snowy peaks, majestic glaciers, lakes, exotic wildlife and cultural uniqueness, Langtang region stands out among many tourist places of Nepal. The region gets its name from a Tibetan word, Langtang, where Lang means Yak and Tang means to follow. It is believed that a Sherpa once followed a lost Yak along the route which is now used by trekkers to get in to Langtang valley.



From turquoise-blue waters set amidst high mountains to ancient Buddhist monasteries, Dolpo has incredible things to offer the intrepid traveler. Located in northwestern Nepal, just west of the district of Mustang where the Annapurna region lies, Dolpo also borders Tibet to the north.



The Manaslu region was not opened for trekking until 1991, and it was so remote and relatively unknown that for a long time it was only possible to trek in the region by camping. In the last few years however the region has become more and more popular, with many citing the main Manaslu trek as the “best trek in Nepal.”


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