Small villages, terraces with cultivation and mountain ranges looming over the landscape characterize the Rolwaling region located in mid-eastern Nepal. The word Rolwaling means, “furrow left by a plough,” referring to the landscape of the region’s valleys. Falling mostly in the district of Dolkha and partly touching the Sindupalchowk district, Rolwaling remains almost untouched. The region’s pristine environment and fresh trails offer magnificent scenery and incredible wildlife diversity, from thick temperate forests to high alpine meadows. The remoteness of the region and less explored landscapes has recently started to attract tourists. The villages of Beding and Na and the famous Tsho Rolpa Lake stand out among Nepal’s natural wonders, and Melungste (7,181 m) looms over the villages below as the highest mountain of the region.

Best time to do Rolwaling Trekking

Because Rolwaling is one of the very least-visited trekking regions of Nepal and it never sees crowds, it is a good place for trekking almost all year long, except for the winter. The best season for trekking in the rolwaling is from March to the end of the May. The autumn season is also a good season to trek in the region, with clear blue skies lighting up the magnificent mountains standing tall above the small villages.

Accommodation in the Rolwaling Region

Because very few tourists visit the area, the accommodation facilities around the Rolwaling region are not very developed. Teahouses are not as common as in other regions, although homestays can be a good option in some villages. Camping is a common form of accommodation for treks in the region. Depending on the particular section and trails chosen in the Rolwaling region, the trek can be a a complete camping or teahouse trek. The trails joining Rolwaling to Khumbu region via Tasi Lapcha pass are a camping trek, and require basic level of climbing skills. The Tsho-Rolpa and Panch Pokhari lake trek is a camping trek as well, whereas the areas such as Kalinchowk can be done as teahouse treks.

Health facilities/Emergencies

Health facilities along the Rolwaling region are not well developed, except for few health post around the major villages. Emergency rescue can be available with phone call to Kathmandu and your insurance/rescue provider.

Culture and festivals

Because the Khumbu region is its closest neighbor, the Rolwaling region shares its culture and festivals with the people of Khumbu. Mostly dominated by the Sherpa and Tamang people, Lhosar is the major festival of the region.

The Gateway to Rolwaling

The gateway to Rolwaling region is Barhabise, a small village around 90 km away from Kathmandu. Alternatively the trek can start from Lukla, leading to the Tashi-Lapcha pass into the Rolwaling valley.

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