If you have Nepal travel stories to tell, we present you an amazing platform to get it published here. But we only seek original writing including feature or personal blog, photography, and video that speak of adventures, experiential holidays, and cultures of Nepal. Please refer this page that outlines what potential UpEverset independent freelance writers need to know before submitting.  

  1. Please check our website about the kind of content that we focus on. It will give you general idea about our content requirement.
  2. Please avoid pitching specific topics or story angles that we’ve already published. But if you can give interesting narrative or twist to the same topic, we might consider it .
  3. Word Count: 1200-2000 words is preferred, though the word count will actually relate more to the topic of the article and to the number of points covered within it.
  4. Photos: High resolutions eye-catching images (atleast 3, that tells the same story as the text) are required for the story. The photos don’t have to be yours – they just need to be Creative Commons licensed and allowed for commercial use.
  5. Check spelling, punctuation, grammar, and facts. Story sent with several errors are deemed unprofessional and will not be considered for publication.
  6. Payment for story – standard payment is $35-$50, depending on article type and length. However higher payment will be offered to the special feature topics and in special cases. If the topic that you have pitch has our prior approval. (Please note this is determined on a case-by-case basis.)
  7. Payment for image - standard payment per image is $5. But the unique and thematic image will command higer price. 
  8. Publishing rights and Terms and conditions.[Click Here]

Email us at info@upeverest.com 

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